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Detoxing 18.08.18 – 28.08.18

Teetotal Journey Posted on Tue, August 28, 2018 13:32:38


The start of something EPIC smiley

Porlock Weir – Lynmouth 15.08.18

Symptoms in chronological order:

* Anxiety – What have I set myself up for? Can I do it?

* Fear – Fear of not drinking again…. What will I do to socialise and relax?

* Poor Concentration – System has been thrown out of whack….finding it hard to focus .

* Poor Memory – My neurotransmitters have been working under particular conditions for eons and now I expect them to immediately adapt and continue to function as normal…. be patient.

* Fatigue – Change requires energy. Honouring my system with early nights.

* Headaches – Toxic headaches as the level of alcohol throughout my system drops

* Muscles aches – The body stores toxins in the soft tissues. Now that my body does not have to deal with toxins I am immediately ingesting, it can get to work eliminating the toxic backlog.

* Nausea – As soft tissues begin to release toxins back into the blood stream to be eliminated, I feel “a bit rough”, like a hangover.

* Drinking Dreams – My psyche processing all that is occurring.

* Itching – The skin is such a fantastic organ, it allows the toxins to be pushed out right through it. How clever is that! How itchy is that!

* Sore Jaw – Sensory changes in the Cranial V (Trigeminal) dermatome which also includes itching (Pruritus) across Frontal, Maxilla and Mandible. Bless my neurotransmitters.

* Sweating – This mornings symptom – continuing the very clever expulsion of toxins. Big love to my Lymphatic System.

Honestly though, what a fantastic system. Constantly striving for Health. I am Blessed smiley.

Going Teetotal

Teetotal Journey Posted on Tue, August 28, 2018 12:36:50

I have been toying with the idea of Teetotalism seriously for a few years now and have had periods of abstinence in the last five years with the longest spell being 9/10 months in 2015.

A little background for context:

I have drunk regularly for 25 years, often in an unhealthy manner, particularly in my youth. A modicum of sensibility ensues with the arrival of children but a different drinking scenario arises. Sensible hardworking mummy deserves wine of an evening. The wine consumption steadily creeps up until we are either constantly thinking about drinking or moderating or stopping. I have given away too much of my precious time to the first two options and am now stopping. For good smiley

To start this journey, I also started another; Walking the South West Coast Path. Exercise is fabulous for clearing the mind, seeing things clearly, motivation, releasing and moving out toxins – the list is endless…..really. Suffice to say that the walking really spurred me on and the last alcohol was taken (after Johns Birthday and four of the sections complete) on the 16.08.2018. I arrived home from our holiday alcohol (and smoke) free. And so begins the detox. Happy days smiley

South West Coast Path 2018

Family Posted on Tue, August 28, 2018 11:57:55

Ahhhh Summer is nearly over. This will be remembered as the summer that Mummy had the idea of starting to walk the South West Coast Path. The South West Coast path runs from Minehead in Somerset, along the coast of Devon and Cornwall to Poole Harbour in Dorset. It is one of the more challenging long distance routes with the ascent and descent comparable to climbing Everest four times over.

This summer we have completed the first four sections (approx 50 miles) over four days;

1) Minehead – Porlock Weir
2) Porlock Weir – Lynmouth
3) Lynmouth – Combe Martin
4) Combe Martin – Woolacombe

I could not be more proud of my girls who willingly indulge me and are happy to walk distance and to my man John who carries the (not so light) boy. The trail is 630 miles long and we aim to complete before the girls leave home smiley. I aim to cover each section individually here and if you are interested in long distance walking (best exercise ever) this will give you an idea of what to expect when embarking on these adventures with children in tow…..