The start of something EPIC smiley

Porlock Weir – Lynmouth 15.08.18

Symptoms in chronological order:

* Anxiety – What have I set myself up for? Can I do it?

* Fear – Fear of not drinking again…. What will I do to socialise and relax?

* Poor Concentration – System has been thrown out of whack….finding it hard to focus .

* Poor Memory – My neurotransmitters have been working under particular conditions for eons and now I expect them to immediately adapt and continue to function as normal…. be patient.

* Fatigue – Change requires energy. Honouring my system with early nights.

* Headaches – Toxic headaches as the level of alcohol throughout my system drops

* Muscles aches – The body stores toxins in the soft tissues. Now that my body does not have to deal with toxins I am immediately ingesting, it can get to work eliminating the toxic backlog.

* Nausea – As soft tissues begin to release toxins back into the blood stream to be eliminated, I feel “a bit rough”, like a hangover.

* Drinking Dreams – My psyche processing all that is occurring.

* Itching – The skin is such a fantastic organ, it allows the toxins to be pushed out right through it. How clever is that! How itchy is that!

* Sore Jaw – Sensory changes in the Cranial V (Trigeminal) dermatome which also includes itching (Pruritus) across Frontal, Maxilla and Mandible. Bless my neurotransmitters.

* Sweating – This mornings symptom – continuing the very clever expulsion of toxins. Big love to my Lymphatic System.

Honestly though, what a fantastic system. Constantly striving for Health. I am Blessed smiley.