I have been toying with the idea of Teetotalism seriously for a few years now and have had periods of abstinence in the last five years with the longest spell being 9/10 months in 2015.

A little background for context:

I have drunk regularly for 25 years, often in an unhealthy manner, particularly in my youth. A modicum of sensibility ensues with the arrival of children but a different drinking scenario arises. Sensible hardworking mummy deserves wine of an evening. The wine consumption steadily creeps up until we are either constantly thinking about drinking or moderating or stopping. I have given away too much of my precious time to the first two options and am now stopping. For good smiley

To start this journey, I also started another; Walking the South West Coast Path. Exercise is fabulous for clearing the mind, seeing things clearly, motivation, releasing and moving out toxins – the list is endless…..really. Suffice to say that the walking really spurred me on and the last alcohol was taken (after Johns Birthday and four of the sections complete) on the 16.08.2018. I arrived home from our holiday alcohol (and smoke) free. And so begins the detox. Happy days smiley