AWESOME! I have completed another 10 days of absolute teetotalism smiley

Am very happy to say that the itching stopped a few days after the last post. I have ENERGY. I am sleeping quite well. Am loving going to bed with a good book or a snuggle up to watch a good movie (which I never see the end of), I do seem to be waking very early though. Not that I mind, I use the time productively (social media marketing smiley). I am exercising like a demon: cycling, walking, yoga & rafting;

This appears to be speeding up the detox process in comparison to other times when I have not exercised as much during this period. My amazing skin is helping to release said toxins and as a consequence, I do look a bit spotty smiley. I am also achy; but in a good way. My focus is returning with epic enthusiasm, am literally brimming over with ideas. My lovely family and patients are bearing the brunt of this as I literally cannot press home to them enough how fantastical all my ideas are…….I may be riding the pink cloud at present; hope not to crash too soon smiley. There is literally not enough time for EVERYTHING I wish to do. Happy Happy.