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Kelly MacNeill - Osteopath

South West Coast Path – Section 2 – 15/08/2018

Family Posted on Mon, October 08, 2018 12:49:39

This was the most woodland we have walked whilst doing these four sections over the summer. It was a beautifully sunny day to walk. We tried to park in Lynmouth and get a taxi to Porlock Weir but none were available (fully booked and there was possibly only one running anyway….) so we drove to Porlock Weir and left the car there, approx £8 for the day and prebooked a taxi to take us back from Lynmouth. You need to have change for the machine, if the Public House is not open, you will not be able to get any locally. It was approx 11 miles, the book says to do it comfortably in 6hrs and it took us approximately 8 smiley

Leaving Porlock Weir at approx 8am it was a steep woody ascent to the settlement of Culbourne:

John, as always, epic with the boy on his back smiley

There have been a few landslips and the path is diverted in some places, but a truly beautiful path …..

The girls are always super impressed when we set of for the day straight uphill smiley

The beautiful, tiny settlement of Culbourne; we all got a bit excited by the old Landrover and the lovely church:

There is further woodland walking from here and the option of an alternative route but we stuck to the path:

John Carries……smiley

Lots of lovely little waterfalls en route…

Walker is freed from the pack for lunch before we hit the cliffs. We love to take fresh pasties, sausage rolls etc for protein and carb with sweetie treats for encouragement and that extra burst uphill, especially when you are nearing the end. Just remember not to put bananas in the bottom of your pack; they do not fare well….

As always; the centre of attention smileysmileysmiley

Around here we were crossing the border between Somerset and Devon. This is part of the County Gate Nature Trail; The Pinetum featuring a variety of Pines, including the awesome Wellingtonia.

The Sisters Fountain, marked by a stone cross; local lore maintains that Joseph of Arimathea drank from this spring on his way to Glastonbury.

And then….we see the sea!!

Efforts are made to clear the Rhododendrons above Glenthorne but they grow prolifically and densely here.

Some lovely lovely folk had left an honesty box with refreshments at Glenthorpe Cliffs; a very unexpected but welcome find and we duly filled our boots and left a message in their visitors book smiley

Everybody setting off again refreshed after our pitstop heading for Countisbury Common ….

Walker insisted on walking here and that was fine, he did amazingly well; up and down the steep slopes into Coddow Combe.

But it really made me nervous on the cliff edges and he had to go back in the back pack…smiley

And then we can see Lynmouth in the distance …YAY!!!

I’m not going to lie, I found the steep cliffs here a bit daunting, anyone walking towards us had to go round me on the side of the drop as I would tuck myself tightly right into the land side. Having the children with us really heightened my fear/anxiety….BUT SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!

And we made it! Alive, Happy, Tired.

Really Really loved this walk! I think it may have been my favorite of the four this summer smiley. Now where’s our cab??

Detoxing 06.09.18 – 26.09.18

Teetotal Journey Posted on Mon, October 08, 2018 11:02:02

A few days after the last post the itching came back for a couple of days!! So annoying, especially at night times but I am very pleased to say that all appears to have calmed for good on that front. The last push from the Liver smiley

I have been mainly experiencing a heavy cold; lots of coughing, mucus, headaches, sinus issues….. It is;

A) To be expected at this time of year, as Summer slips seamlessly into Autumn your system likes to a good cyclical respiratory clear out but double whammy for me because;

B) Once detoxing is well under way and your body is not fully focused on the immediate incoming toxic load, it can begin to clear out toxic debris that has built up over time, as I am sure it has done being a social smoker for years smiley

And also:

C) Children have just returned to school and love to share the Germy Love – Good for Immunity, bad for general levels of healthy calm in the house. I have been busy boosting us all up on our lovely Homeopathic Remedies:

Everybody should have the 36 Basic Remedies kit in their homes. Contact Helios and request the Blue 36 Remedy Kit and they will send it out ASAP. It comes with an awesome instruction book so you know what to take, how to take etc:

and all natural Remedies made by our Medical Herbalist friend Rachael.

All in all though, feeling pretty good, it is great to know that my system has enough vitality to be able to throw a Healing Crisis and that because of this, my system is becoming cleaner and clearer by the day smiley.