A few days after the last post the itching came back for a couple of days!! So annoying, especially at night times but I am very pleased to say that all appears to have calmed for good on that front. The last push from the Liver smiley

I have been mainly experiencing a heavy cold; lots of coughing, mucus, headaches, sinus issues….. It is;

A) To be expected at this time of year, as Summer slips seamlessly into Autumn your system likes to a good cyclical respiratory clear out but double whammy for me because;

B) Once detoxing is well under way and your body is not fully focused on the immediate incoming toxic load, it can begin to clear out toxic debris that has built up over time, as I am sure it has done being a social smoker for years smiley

And also:

C) Children have just returned to school and love to share the Germy Love – Good for Immunity, bad for general levels of healthy calm in the house. I have been busy boosting us all up on our lovely Homeopathic Remedies:

Everybody should have the 36 Basic Remedies kit in their homes. Contact Helios and request the Blue 36 Remedy Kit and they will send it out ASAP. It comes with an awesome instruction book so you know what to take, how to take etc:

and all natural Remedies made by our Medical Herbalist friend Rachael.

All in all though, feeling pretty good, it is great to know that my system has enough vitality to be able to throw a Healing Crisis and that because of this, my system is becoming cleaner and clearer by the day smiley.