Ahhhhhh what have I let us in for now??

I decided last week that I would have a ONE YEAR NO TESCO and by Tesco I mean all supermarkets. Tesco is just the closet one to us and where I seem to spend hours of my life buying unnecessary goods when I only went in for a milk and bread. Looking at my bank account I can see that the last visit to Tesco was 24/09/18. Having just decided this RIGHT NOW (last Thursday) I discussed my fabulous plan with John and he very reasonably queried my decision in regards to cleaning products etc so I came up with a plan to allow us a maximum of one trip to Costco per month to stock up on these kinds of goods; everything else is to be bought locally. As things settle and we find our bearings we should be able to pull back on the Costco trips and boy I really want to pull back on those…..we desperately needed nappies and toilet rolls so had to go this past weekend; our very first try…..DO NOT EVER GO THERE WITH CHILDREN. OMG. I really have no words…. anyway; a few treats snuck in….no one’s perfect, we’re just beginning smiley

I think we now have enough fairy liquid, loo roll, wipes to last until Zombie Apocalypse but boy did I very nearly have a panic/heart attack at the till, my thoracic diaphragm shortened by AT LEAST an inch …….

Seriously though, I love shopping at Dunsley Farm Shop opposite Tesco. Such a nicer shopping experience. I am done with the insane “busyness” of Tesco, always so frantic. I appreciate they hire a lot of people locally but I’m sure they won’t miss little old me (well they might have felt it when we stopped drinking a couple of months ago….).

I want to reduce our plastic use. I want farmers to get a fair deal. I want animal welfare to be priority when consuming their products. I want to ENJOY shopping again.

People say it will be more expensive but I beg to differ. It will be much more focused. We will create less waste whilst creating more yummy food goodness:

All from Dunsley Farm; right down to the cream and butter. Rosemary from the garden smiley

Packed Lunch prep. So much better for, cost effective and enjoyable than the last minute Sunday rush for “packed lunch stuff”. Long may it continue……. (not always to this level admittedly).

Well, wish me luck. I frequent quite a few already but I look forward to meeting more local producers smiley. Any tips/ideas greatly appreciated smiley.