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Kelly MacNeill - Osteopath

When will I get better?

Insights Posted on Wed, August 22, 2018 13:47:42

“When will I get better?” Love this question. It is the proverbial “how long is a piece of string?” question. Always gets the deeply Osteopathic answer of “it depends”. And it does depend; on lots of factors of which us Osteopaths are acutely aware. We do marvelous jobs of educating our patients; helping them to take control of their health. Making them aware of triggers (Environmental, Social, Anatomical, Physiological etc) that contribute to their present set of symptoms and how to avoid, integrate or re-shape these where neccessary to the benefit of their Health.

On reflection of this question again yesterday; Yes it is true that:

1) If your issue is acute (recent injury, short term pain) and you are in relatively good health then yes, it is very likely that you will “get better” quickly and require minimal treatment.

2) If your issue is more chronic (old injury, long term pain) and you are in relatively poor health then yes, it is likely that you will “get better” over a longer period of time and require more treatment.

There are many variables here of course; cause of pain/age/general health/length of time/self care etc but you get the picture.

In my continuing education of patients, I would like to press home that:

A) Health is not a destination, it is the life we lead
B) Health is always within us (you may have a sore back but still have Health, Health can express in death etc)
C) An Osteopath (insert here relevant Healthcare Professional) can help you to express your Health
D) How brightly your Health shines depends on how you continue to nourish it (Nature, Diet, Movement, Love)

When we realise this; things will fall into place naturally. Osteopathy is not a final destination (although we can almost certainly ease your pain), it is a way of life.

Watermouth Bay, North Devon 2018.

Baby Weaning

Insights Posted on Wed, July 18, 2018 12:15:57

After reviewing a post from another Health Clinic stating that “babies given solid food sooner sleep better” following this article from the BBC I thought I would add some thoughts…….

How do you know when your baby is ready to eat food?

*Babies should be able to sit upright and support their own head.
*Babies should show a keen interest in eating, be following your food to your mouth with their eyes.
*Babies will try to take your food.
*Babies should be able to transfer their food from their mouth to their throat. If the gag reflex (pharyngeal reflex) is still very present then they are not ready. The gag reflex diminishes noticeably around the fifth/six month mark.

Focus on staying in tune with your baby and your baby will let you know when they are ready for solids smiley