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Tesco Boycott

Family Posted on Wed, October 10, 2018 13:45:32

Ahhhhhh what have I let us in for now??

I decided last week that I would have a ONE YEAR NO TESCO and by Tesco I mean all supermarkets. Tesco is just the closet one to us and where I seem to spend hours of my life buying unnecessary goods when I only went in for a milk and bread. Looking at my bank account I can see that the last visit to Tesco was 24/09/18. Having just decided this RIGHT NOW (last Thursday) I discussed my fabulous plan with John and he very reasonably queried my decision in regards to cleaning products etc so I came up with a plan to allow us a maximum of one trip to Costco per month to stock up on these kinds of goods; everything else is to be bought locally. As things settle and we find our bearings we should be able to pull back on the Costco trips and boy I really want to pull back on those…..we desperately needed nappies and toilet rolls so had to go this past weekend; our very first try…..DO NOT EVER GO THERE WITH CHILDREN. OMG. I really have no words…. anyway; a few treats snuck in….no one’s perfect, we’re just beginning smiley

I think we now have enough fairy liquid, loo roll, wipes to last until Zombie Apocalypse but boy did I very nearly have a panic/heart attack at the till, my thoracic diaphragm shortened by AT LEAST an inch …….

Seriously though, I love shopping at Dunsley Farm Shop opposite Tesco. Such a nicer shopping experience. I am done with the insane “busyness” of Tesco, always so frantic. I appreciate they hire a lot of people locally but I’m sure they won’t miss little old me (well they might have felt it when we stopped drinking a couple of months ago….).

I want to reduce our plastic use. I want farmers to get a fair deal. I want animal welfare to be priority when consuming their products. I want to ENJOY shopping again.

People say it will be more expensive but I beg to differ. It will be much more focused. We will create less waste whilst creating more yummy food goodness:

All from Dunsley Farm; right down to the cream and butter. Rosemary from the garden smiley

Packed Lunch prep. So much better for, cost effective and enjoyable than the last minute Sunday rush for “packed lunch stuff”. Long may it continue……. (not always to this level admittedly).

Well, wish me luck. I frequent quite a few already but I look forward to meeting more local producers smiley. Any tips/ideas greatly appreciated smiley.

South West Coast Path – Section 2 – 15/08/2018

Family Posted on Mon, October 08, 2018 12:49:39

This was the most woodland we have walked whilst doing these four sections over the summer. It was a beautifully sunny day to walk. We tried to park in Lynmouth and get a taxi to Porlock Weir but none were available (fully booked and there was possibly only one running anyway….) so we drove to Porlock Weir and left the car there, approx £8 for the day and prebooked a taxi to take us back from Lynmouth. You need to have change for the machine, if the Public House is not open, you will not be able to get any locally. It was approx 11 miles, the book says to do it comfortably in 6hrs and it took us approximately 8 smiley

Leaving Porlock Weir at approx 8am it was a steep woody ascent to the settlement of Culbourne:

John, as always, epic with the boy on his back smiley

There have been a few landslips and the path is diverted in some places, but a truly beautiful path …..

The girls are always super impressed when we set of for the day straight uphill smiley

The beautiful, tiny settlement of Culbourne; we all got a bit excited by the old Landrover and the lovely church:

There is further woodland walking from here and the option of an alternative route but we stuck to the path:

John Carries……smiley

Lots of lovely little waterfalls en route…

Walker is freed from the pack for lunch before we hit the cliffs. We love to take fresh pasties, sausage rolls etc for protein and carb with sweetie treats for encouragement and that extra burst uphill, especially when you are nearing the end. Just remember not to put bananas in the bottom of your pack; they do not fare well….

As always; the centre of attention smileysmileysmiley

Around here we were crossing the border between Somerset and Devon. This is part of the County Gate Nature Trail; The Pinetum featuring a variety of Pines, including the awesome Wellingtonia.

The Sisters Fountain, marked by a stone cross; local lore maintains that Joseph of Arimathea drank from this spring on his way to Glastonbury.

And then….we see the sea!!

Efforts are made to clear the Rhododendrons above Glenthorne but they grow prolifically and densely here.

Some lovely lovely folk had left an honesty box with refreshments at Glenthorpe Cliffs; a very unexpected but welcome find and we duly filled our boots and left a message in their visitors book smiley

Everybody setting off again refreshed after our pitstop heading for Countisbury Common ….

Walker insisted on walking here and that was fine, he did amazingly well; up and down the steep slopes into Coddow Combe.

But it really made me nervous on the cliff edges and he had to go back in the back pack…smiley

And then we can see Lynmouth in the distance …YAY!!!

I’m not going to lie, I found the steep cliffs here a bit daunting, anyone walking towards us had to go round me on the side of the drop as I would tuck myself tightly right into the land side. Having the children with us really heightened my fear/anxiety….BUT SOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!

And we made it! Alive, Happy, Tired.

Really Really loved this walk! I think it may have been my favorite of the four this summer smiley. Now where’s our cab??

South West Coast Path – Section 3 – Lynmouth to Combe Martin

Family Posted on Tue, September 11, 2018 18:00:01

This was the first section of the path that we walked. We are taking our sections from the book “The South West Coast Path” by Paddy Dillon. We walked this part 08/08/18 and it was 13.5 miles.

We had the taxi drop us into Lynmouth from our camp site in Combe Martin (Newberry Valley; very nice, good facilities, safe for children, tractor rides, pizza nights).

Unfortunately smiley it was too early for the Lynmouth – Lynton Rail which runs up and down the very steep hill which connects the two. The very steep hill we have to walk up; not aptly named Walker though, he gets to ride in the back pack. In fact, as soon as he sees a hill he intimates to Daddy “Back Pack”.

Lymouth / Lynton Rail – Opens approx 10.30 am…definitely not 8.30 am though smiley

Now, I’m not going to lie……once up the steep hill (the lads working at Lynmouth rail station thought we were bonkers; walking to Combe Martin, obviously not a regular local thing to do) the path coming out of Lynmouth was an absolute knee trembler. What was I thinking??? Since having children I have developed quite an intense fear of heights. We love long distance walking but I really hadn’t thought this through…cliffs…..edges….big drops….sea below…. NO FENCE……oooops.

The path was of good quality though…. I would come to appreciate this fact at further points along the walk.

Anyway, keep the fear in Kelly, don’t show the girls how scared you are… focus, focus, focus. “Are you ok mum?”, “yes yes of course, keep to your left Lily, watch where you are going, focus on your feet”…… This was to become a familiar mantra. But; WOW WOW WOW, those views! Once I could actually look up; were astounding. I felt calmer once away from the imminent danger (in my mind) of the cliff edge and into the valley of the rocks.

Through the valley of the rocks and heading to the Lee Valley estate, we came across some lovely goats;

and got caught in a heavy down pour! Little did we realise when sheltering under this tree that there were toilets open just to our right. Once realised, we all went and sat inside for a coffee smiley

Look at that face! Love her smiley.

Sun Came out again and all happy, walking through the woods alongside Woody Bay towards Heddons Mouth:

Lots of gorgeous little waterfalls, helped by the big downpour. Being so coastal, the weather was really changeable and we experienced everything from brilliant sun to sheet rain throughout the day.

Our path into Heddons Mouth:

John does an epic job of carrying Walker but the climb up out of Heddons Mouth he found the hardest (even more so than Great Hangman he tells me):

But, we made it out….now heading for the highest point on the entire South West Coast Path; Great Hangman:

Just Stunning walking:

Across rugged moorland:

To reach to Great Hangman we first had to descend into the Valley of Sherrycombe:

A quick rest at the bottom:

Before the big hike back out:

And up onto Great Hangman – the highest point of the entire path at 1043 ft (318 m).

Such an epic achievement! So so proud of them all. The girls walk beautifully. Just ensure you have enough sweeties to pick them up when they start to flag. Its awesome starting the descent into Combe Martin but boy does it go on longer than you think. The Great Hangman really was a long way up smiley

The book estimated 6.5 hrs and we completed in 8 hrs and 15 mins….Not too shabby with all the erberts smiley LOVED IT! You should definitely do it smiley.

Miles: 13.5
Ascent: 1330m (4365ft)
Duration: 8 1/4 Hrs
Weather: Ranging from Sheet Rain to Brilliant Sun
Great Hangman; Highest point of whole path. Some big knee trembling cliff drops, particularly past Lynmouth and into Valley of the rocks (heights: scared of). Fantastic colours through the moor National Park. No moaning from the girls. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed. John did epic job of carrying Walker. Some very steep climbs in places. Loved it!!

South West Coast Path 2018

Family Posted on Tue, August 28, 2018 11:57:55

Ahhhh Summer is nearly over. This will be remembered as the summer that Mummy had the idea of starting to walk the South West Coast Path. The South West Coast path runs from Minehead in Somerset, along the coast of Devon and Cornwall to Poole Harbour in Dorset. It is one of the more challenging long distance routes with the ascent and descent comparable to climbing Everest four times over.

This summer we have completed the first four sections (approx 50 miles) over four days;

1) Minehead – Porlock Weir
2) Porlock Weir – Lynmouth
3) Lynmouth – Combe Martin
4) Combe Martin – Woolacombe

I could not be more proud of my girls who willingly indulge me and are happy to walk distance and to my man John who carries the (not so light) boy. The trail is 630 miles long and we aim to complete before the girls leave home smiley. I aim to cover each section individually here and if you are interested in long distance walking (best exercise ever) this will give you an idea of what to expect when embarking on these adventures with children in tow…..

Folk by the Oak

Family Posted on Wed, July 18, 2018 12:32:22

Folk by the Oak @ Hatfield House last weekend….. Am now having to wear trousers to work in this heat as the girls have been very elaborate with the Henna on my legs…. Love them all.